Community and Conservation

Community and Conservation

16 August 2023

Community and Conservation: Fundu Lagoon’s Commitment to Sustainable Tourism. Nestled amidst the ocean, beach, and pristine jungle, Fundu Lagoon stands as a hidden gem that has captured the hearts of those who discover it. As they embarked on the journey of creating this haven, the focus was clear: to leave the lightest environmental footprint on the breathtaking landscape. The result? A harmonious blend of local craftsmanship, sustainable resources, and natural beauty that defines the essence of Fundu Lagoon.

Preserving the Beauty of Nature

Since the very first encounter with Fundu Lagoon, the vision has been one of minimal impact and mindful design. Every sandy pathway, each Makuti thatch roof, and the deep-sea jetty, were crafted in collaboration with local artisans. The result is an atmosphere that mirrors the tranquility and style of the surroundings. As doors opened to guests in 1999, little did they know that many would return, drawn by the allure of Fundu Lagoon’s unique charm.

Pioneering Sustainable Eco-Tourism

Fundu Lagoon isn’t just a destination; it’s a pioneer in sustainable eco-tourism. Their commitment goes beyond the shores, as they work hand in hand with local communities to champion the conservation and preservation of Pemba Island’s natural treasures. The island’s life is a tapestry woven by its people, and Fundu Lagoon is proud to stand as stewards of this vibrant heritage.

Connecting Guests with Pemba Island’s Beauty

The goal is to offer guests an unforgettable experience – to introduce them to the radiant white sandy beaches, untouched landscapes, and the vibrant people of Pemba Island. While Fundu Lagoon serves as hosts, they believe the true hosts are the African landscapes and the communities that have shaped them over countless generations. That’s why their commitment extends to ensuring that local communities thrive alongside Fundu Lagoon.

Empowering Through Partnership

Neighboring villages have become partners in progress. Collaborating closely, they work to enhance education and healthcare facilities, boost water supply, and develop innovative, sustainable solutions to meet energy needs. The mission is to minimize any environmental impact that may arise from development while creating opportunities that uplift and sustain the local way of life.

Extending a Helping Hand

Fundu Lagoon’s role extends beyond leisure. They’re especially proud to provide boat transport to local communities during medical emergencies, ensuring swift access to essential care. This commitment is a testament to their dedication to the well-being of Pemba Island and its people.

A Privilege to Belong

In the heart of Pemba Island, Fundu Lagoon is more than a retreat – it’s an integral part of a vibrant community. They’re honored to be embraced by this extraordinary place and its people. The opportunity to welcome visitors to Pemba Island is eagerly anticipated – a place that captivates the senses, soothes the soul, and creates memories that linger for a lifetime.